Information for Parents

Ready to enrol? It’s easy.

Read our criteria, then fill out the form and send it in before the end of Term 2 (if you can. But, please note, we do accept enrolments throughout the year).

We look forward to hearing from you.

Enrolment Criteria

We welcome all children to Hadlow – and anyone can enrol your child at our school.

However, sometimes spaces are limited, which is when we give priority to students who:

  • are Anglican and whose family attend the Anglican church
  • have brothers or sisters attending Hadlow or another Trinity school
  • have a parent or guardian who attended Hadlow or another Trinity school
  • are the children or dependants of anyone who works for us or is on the board of a Trinity school
  • have attended Hadlow preschool for more than six months.​​​​​​​