Special Character

Religious education is a fully-integrated part of the Hadlow curriculum. Students learn the Anglican faith and to be aware of the religions of others. We encourage all our students to treat each other with love, to pray, worship and engage with the Bible.

​​​​​​​Chapel takes place every Monday and all students participate in weekly religious education led by a teacher who specialises in this subject area. Our students are encouraged to enjoy a relationship with our chaplain and the Bishop of Wellington who visits regularly.

Traditional Values for a Modern World

Hadlow’s enduring values permeate everything we do. We believe these values are as relevant today as they’ve ever been and give all children a good foundation for life.

It goes without saying that most of us enjoy and respond positively to respect, friendliness and truthfulness. At Hadlow, our values extend beyond these things to a commitment to learning, a passion for teaching, innovation and inquiry, a structured day and having a curriculum that includes Christian worship.

In class, in the playground and out in the wider community, our students learn the importance of these traditions and how to bring them into their own daily lives.