Teaching and Learning

Hadlow’s curriculum is a broad and balanced curriculum that sets children up with the attributes and skills they need for tomorrow’s world.

We teach our students to be thinkers, to be skilled in the use of language, symbols and texts and to be adept at managing themselves. We emphasise and support children to relate well to others and to participate and contribute.

Ultimately, we believe it’s our role to light the fire of learning in your child and for them to carry that torch for life.

Aiming High

We’re not afraid to aim high and we expect the best from our students. At Hadlow, we want our students to push the boundaries, to try new things and to be curious about the world around them

Building Confidence in Your Child

Right from day one, our teachers will focus on building confidence in your child and setting them up for lifelong learning success. For that extra advantage, we offer smaller group tuition and high expectations of behaviour, as well as specialist coaching and teaching.

Inside the Classroom

You can expect all teaching and learning areas to be exciting and dynamic environments, where students are stimulated, challenged and inspired. At the same time, you’ll find them well resourced and extremely well run.

Your child will have access to the best teachers, plenty of individual attention, as well as the latest in digital technology and tools. We use specialist teachers to deliver our Religious Education and Arts Programmes.


Hadlow’s strong academic record is something we’re very proud of. We nurture achievement, encourage healthy competition and we get results.

Students learn a wide range of subjects – English, the arts, health and physical education, religious education, languages, maths, science, social sciences and technology – from outstanding teachers who specialise in the subjects that interest them most.

We encourage our students to sit the full range of national and international exams and, as they get older, to benchmark themselves against the best at home and overseas.


Music is an important part of life at Hadlow – so much so that individual music tuition occurs in school time. We have a specialist music studio, where music lessons take place, individual tuition is provided and our bands, orchestra and choir practise their next performance. It’s a wonderfully creative hub.


We are committed to offering our students the opportunity to learn te reo Māori from day one at our school. Later, in Years 7 and 8, students learn Mandarin and can pick up any other language of their choice through online learning. We offer te reo Māori as a subject and have integrated the language into all our teaching and learning programmes.


At Hadlow, the arts covers dance, drama, speech and drama tuition, as well as the visual arts. We have a dedicated space for our arts programme and offer speech and drama tuition during school time, using the Speech New Zealand syllabus. Students are also encouraged to sit the Speech New Zealand exam.