Our People

Our school has about 200 children and around 30 staff. Our staff really know each of our students. Teaching and learning, pastoral care, supporting and encouraging our students in a rich and varied curriculum play an important role in growing our children, here at Hadlow.

Our Leaders

Many people at Hadlow are responsible for leadership and keeping our school and students on the right track.

Governance and Strategy

We have a board of trustees responsible for the strategic direction of the school.

Every three years we elect a new board, with five positions available to parents. Our principal, a staff member and one or two representatives from the Trinity Schools Trust Board also sit on the board. Our Current Board of Trustees is Peter Gardiner (Chairman), Justine Johnson, Louise Gibson, Scott McKenzie, Catherine Reid, Charles Kendall (staff representative), Andrew Osmond (Principal), Lana Stockman (TSTB Representative).

Management and School Administration

Our senior management team looks after the school’s day-to-day management and administration. The team includes our principal and four hub leaders (hub leaders are like lead teachers).

Our Door Is Always Open

We have an open door policy at Hadlow, which means you are welcome to email or talk to teachers or our principal at any time. Open communication is important to us.

The best way to communicate with your child’s teacher is by email or by dropping in to see them after school. They’re always happy to help.

​​​​​​​Andrew Osmond, Principal

“I am excited and feel incredibly fortunate being Principal of Hadlow Preparatory School, being able to work alongside and lead our wonderful team, students and families. It is a privilege seeing our students and staff grow, thrive and the passion they show for learning. Hadlow School is a special character school that has a proud history with traditions but also embraces future focused education in preparation for today’s world. Our students show a growth mindset, they are creative, curious and kind. They love learning and school.”

Our Teachers

We have really great teachers at Hadlow and parents are welcome to contact their child’s teachers by email or drop in and see them after school.

Hub One

Hub Two

Hub Three

Hub Four

Specialist Teachers

Support Staff

Our Community

We may be a small rural school – but we’re part of a big community stretching as far north as Eketahuna, as far south as Pirinoa and out to the coastal area of Tinui and over the hill to Wellington.

Playing a role within this diverse community is important to our school and we encourage our students to take part where they can. Sometimes that means raising funds for our local SPCA or, as was the case more recently, almost $900.00 for the people of Nepal. testing

Friends of Hadlow

We have a parent-led volunteer fundraising group called the Friends of Hadlow.

It’s their job to raise funds for those extra things that make Hadlow a fun, social place for our students and their families.

Every year they run Hadlow community events like the school picnic for new parents, as well as occasional working bees, quiz nights, art auctions and the school athletics’ sports cafe.

We encourage anyone to join the Friends – either as a member of the organising committee or as an occasional helper.

More Information on the Friends

For more information on the Friends, contact Andrew Osmond or read Hadlow’s regular school newsletter, The Bulletin

Past Pupils and Alumni

Past pupils and alumni of Hadlow are welcome to drop in at any time – our doors are always open and it’s great to reflect on how things were for you and how they’ve changed over time.

You’re also welcome to take part in fundraising events and take part in our occasional social events tailored to past pupils and alumni.

More Information

For more information contact Hadlow School. They can update you on any upcoming initiatives and get togethers.