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Hard at work at Hadlow
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Hadlow is an integrated, Anglican day school for boys and girls in Years 1 to 8 offering a future-focused education promoting excellence through academic, cultural, sporting and spiritual pursuits.  We also offer programmes of worship, religious studies and a strong moral code. 


Being future-focused means that the school is endeavouring to consciously address its vision - a Hadlow learner will be literate, self-motivated, self-managing, respectful, confident and responsible - by providing a personalised, flexible, child-centred teaching and learning programme that will promote engagement, and ultimately improve achievement.


Hadlow Preparatory School is the junior school of the Trinity Schools, a family of schools including St Matthew's Collegiate and Rathkeale College and offering education from preschool to Year 13.

Key Understandings of the Hadlow School Special Character Statement

  • although Anglican, Hadlow welcomes pupils into its environment from all cultures, religions and faiths who will undertake to uphold the Special Character of the school;
  • the moral code of conduct upheld at Hadlow is based on Christian standards and values, and those of the Virtues Project;
  • all pupils are expected to fully participate in the extra-curricular programmes provided at the school;
  • when parents enrol their children at Hadlow they are accepting the condition that their children will participate in the programmes that make up the school’s Special Character.